Substitution/Return Policy


At Orchid Florist, we pride ourselves on our fresh and beautiful flowers, and we also take great pride on our floral products which are professionally arranged and packaged. We want the recipient of your gift to have a positive experience. If you or the recipient of your Orchid Florist gift are not completely satisfied, please contact us immediately.

As part of our guarantee, we will offer you a full refund or replacement. Please see our replacement (under terms and conditions) and substitution policies.


Although we will always attempt to fill an order to our customer's exact request, substitutions may at times be necessary. This may be due to locale, season, price, short supply or any number of factors. When we substitute, we take care to maintain the same theme, color scheme, style, and quality of your order. We also fill to the full value of your order with comparable flowers. We reserve the right to make necessary substitutions without prior notice.

The arrangements on our website are representations of the products we offer, and we will attempt to fill the order as it appears on our website. At times, however, some flowers or accessories may not be available either for us or for the other florist who we would contact to fill your order. There may also be other restrictions for some domestic or international florists. For that reason, always let us know your second choice. You can call us at 510-528-9320 to verify the availability of a certain product.